About Us

TriPerta, LLC is headquartered in the greater Orlando, Florida area and originated in 2011. Founded by James and Shelly Harris and Angus and Joyce Smith, TriPerta is focused on combining advanced technology and creative marketing to deliver innovative solutions for multisport endurance events. TriPerta's premier product, RaceJoy, is a mobile platform solution for endurance race events and is focused on the needs of athlete and spectators.

The founders of TriPerta have extensive experience in software development and marketing. Combining this with our long term passion and commitment to endurance sports, we deliver solutions that solve the challenges athletes and spectators face during race events.

Our Mission

TriPerta believes all endurance race events should have a mobile version of the race in order to help athletes and spectators experience the race with ease and enjoyment.

The design and features of RaceJoy are based upon the athlete and spectator perspective and come from real race experiences.

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The Founders
What They Say

TriPerta has extensive experience building large scale enterprise level systems capable of handling high user activity and large data demands.

Thomas V. Huber, Experienced Technology CEO, Multiple Fortune 500 Corporations